What’s The Difference Between a Contact Centre Solution and an Omnichannel Solution?

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CONTACT is on the up-and-up!

No business can ‘stand still’, especially in the telecoms industry where technology, customer requirements and challenges always evolve! That’s why CONTACT has been working hard internally to enhance its brand while showing off, to the whole industry, all the amazing...

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How to develop an amazing customer experience

In the modern, always-connected, digital-first world, it can be challenging to differentiate your business from its competitors and attract new, younger consumers who are more used to communicating through their devices than over the phone or face-to-face. Therefore,...

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Digital Engagement in the modern B2C world

Did you know 90% of customer journeys today begin online? That’s just one of many stats we could show you to emphasise how integral Digital Engagement is becoming to achieving business growth! But in years gone by, there hasn’t been an easy to way to combine all your...

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